The Patented RPI-4900 is specially designed to inhibit scale formation in SeaWater RO systems (equipped with polyamide, celluloseacetate and polyether membranes with an anionically charged surface). It’s 4 years long shelf-life allows a total supply chain security, when 24/7 clean water’s production is mandatory.

RPI-4900 shows a strong threshold effect and therefore prevents the scaling of Calcium carbonate, Magnesium hydroxide, Calcium sulphate and Iron/Manganese oxides. The second property of RPI-4900 is its anti-oxydizing properties able to block SWRO metal catalyzed oxidation reactions. The best way to visualize its superior performances is to test it. Contact us to know if you are eligible for a free of charge trial.


RPI-4900 is a high concentration Antiscalant approved for use with cellulose acetate and polyamide membranes. The required dosage level ranges from 1 – 5 ppm as delivered. The dosage is proportional to the feed water flow.  RPI-4900 is easy to use, safe to handle and optimized for long storage.
The dosage is controlled proportionally to the feed water flow. To minimize issues with tank biological fouling, the tank-containers have to be cleaned from time to time with a disinfecting agent.
RPI-4900 is easy to handle and does not contain any aggressive components. The pH value of the product is alkaline.

Physical Properties

Appearance: clear yellowish liquid

Density: 1.38 – 1.44 g/cm3

pH value: 9.5 - 11.0

Boiling point / boiling range: 100 °C

Freezing Point: - 15°C

Solubility in water: unlimited

Storage & Handling

RPI-4900  is not classified as a hazardous chemical (GGVE/GGVS, ICOA/IATA). Standard regulations and precautions when dealing with chemical products have to be followed.
RPI-4900  is easy to store. The storage temperature should be between 2°C and 35 °C. The product is supplied in containers suitable for air or sea transportation. The safety data sheet contains more information.


Polyethylene canister (PE) 25 kg net
Standard drum (PE) 270 kg net
IBC Container (PE) 1.200 kg net

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Description