The treatment of wastewater is a fundamental, necessary process in modern societies. The sludge it generates is processed in digestion towers to produce gas. The sludge must be dewatered and incinerated in following steps. The dewatering process is often hindered by persistent, crystalline precipitates formed from the digested sludge. Typical precipitates include phosphates mixed with ammonium, magnesium and sometimes iron ions leading to rock-solid Struvite scale deposit (magnesium ammonium phosphate). In practice, precipitates lead to costly and time-consuming cleaning due to the scaling.

The new ROPUR RWI-8000 was engineered to specifically prevent this cost intensive scale to happen. Using the RWI-8000 in real case applications as well as in R&D multitests, revealed that the ROPUR Antiscalant RWI-8000 neutralizes mineral particles by 94.1 to 99.4 % on average. The particle concentration was drastically reduced following the use of RWI-8000, drastically reducing the costly cleaning frequency.


ROPUR RWI-8000 is approved for use in waste water treatment plant at dosage level ranges from 20 – 50 ppm as delivered, with an optimum efficiency versus ration around 35 ppm. The dosage is proportional to the feed water ions composition.ROPUR RWI-8000 is easy to use, safe to handle and safe to store for several months.

Physical Properties

Appearance: clear, amber liquid

Density: 1.16 – 1.18 g/cm3

pH value: 4.7 – 5.0

Boiling point / boiling range: 100°C

Freezing Point: -2°C

Solubility in water: Unlimited

Storage & Handling

ROPUR RWI-8000 is safe to use and thus is not classified as a hazardous chemical (GGVE/GGVS, ICOA/IATA). Standard regulations and precautions when dealing with chemical products have to be followed.The storage temperature should be between +2°C and 40°C. A minimal temperature of -2°C for a short period of time is tolerated. The product is supplied in containers suitable for air, road or sea transportation. Additional information is available inside the safety data sheets.


Standard drum (PE) 240 kg net
IBC Container (PE) 1,100 kg net

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Description