Christmas Charity Initiative 2020

In Gondzwe, Zambia, the human right to have sufficient, safe, physically accessible and affordable water is based on the conviction that water is a common good that must be available to all, regardless of financial means. In the structurally neglected Gondwe district of the capital Lusaka, however, less than 8% of the approximately 8,600 inhabitants have safe access to drinking water.

Most people still obtain their water from unsafe boreholes, exposing them to considerable health risks. In addition, securing the daily water supply takes a considerable amount of time, which significantly limits the overall opportunities for development, especially for women.

With USD 10’000 donated through its “Christmas Charity Project 2020” the Toray Membrane Europe AG company is supporting access to safe drinking water in the households of about 100 more people in Gondwe, Lusaka.

2020 – Charity Project – Zambia GB