Christmas Charity Initiative 2022

Africa Amini Alama ( is a non-governmental organization in northern Tanzania. It provides children with healthy food, teaches school children how to grow organic vegetables and informs the patients of the affiliated health clinic about the importance of pesticide-free food.

A major challenge is securing enough water to grow organic vegetables. The river that provides water for the permaculture garden is 100 meters away. Pumps, pipes, and a tank are needed to carry this water to the garden for daily irrigation.

Two other gardens – one used as an agroforestry operation and the other as a vegetable garden in Maasai land – have a small irrigation canal, but it only provides water once a week.

Only with enough water can we increase the yield of these gardens and grow healthy food. The successful implementation of these measures also has an important educational effect for the children in the surrounding Maasai area; this pilot project allows the introduction of sustainable agriculture and permaculture in an otherwise very chemically oriented farming area.

We at Africa Amini Alama, as well as all the Maasai children, would like to express our sincere gratitude to Toray Membrane Europe AG in Muenchenstein/Switzerland for the donation of 10,000 USD, which has enabled us to finance the necessary infrastructure (tank, pumps, and pipes) to successfully implement this much needed water project for our permaculture gardens.