Environmental Friendly Antiscalant solution

Environmental protection combined with product performances is the philosophy followed by the ROPUR brand since more than 30 years. From the initial antiscalant designed for cellulosic membranes in 1985 to the ones created for new polyamide RO membranes, the focus on developing environmentally friendly antiscalant was always a top priority target. Committing to always deliver the most advanced green-antiscalant technology based on scientific and operational data, the RPI-2000 is the product of choice.

Not only the RPI-2000 is environmentally friendly at the feedwater dosage recommendations, but it is also safe for the environment at 100 times such recommended dosage, making of its safety profile the safest on the market today. While degrading naturally in the environment, it does not modify the dissolved oxygen, nor impact the fauna and flora species, nor boost the algae growth.

As it is highly concentrated, only a tiny amount is needed to be dosed, supporting long lasting RO plant performances without interruption, disturbances, or issue.