New RPI-5000A – More Performance

7th Nov. 2014

In RO plants, 35% of the total mineral scalings are due to metallo-silicate cristals. To face this reality, the Toray Membrane Europe team created a new high performance Silicate Antiscalant. The NEW RPI-5000A provides an immediate protection at the injection point via a superior reactivity with Metal Silicates. The core of the technology is to amplify the electrostatic interactions between the RPI-5000A and metal cations to rapidly scavenge those ones. Pragmatically, the chemical binding-capacity gained +10%, while the active content increased by 14%.

“The all-team is proud to offer a unique high performance Silicate antiscalant to the water treatment community, which already demonstrated its excellent efficiency” announced Dr. Lagref Jean-Jacques in charge of the ROPUR RPI brand.